Goodbye & thank you.

Hello, and goodbye, from Delhi.

Our time in India has come to an end: 31 days. 31 beautiful, terrible, challenging, glorious, full days.

Never have I seen so much in such little time. Never have I been so devastated and so inspired in such close proximity.

I hope to come back to India: to revisit the North and explore the South. I hope to keep traveling, not just to India, but to new places around the world. I hope the constant in my life is change, and that I continue to expand my perspectives, to continue growing.

Lastly, and most importantly, I think some thank yous are in order:
Thank you to all the staff at the University who worked behind the scenes to make this trip possible.

Thank you to the Fulbright Hays GPA, for funding experiences, and creating opportunities for all students to go abroad.

Thank you to the the staff in the airports, travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants for thanklessly serving our needy group.

Thank you to the NGOs who inspired us and welcomed us into their work.

Thank you to the community members we have met who told us stories, let us into their homes, and their lives.

Thank you to my family, for supporting me and entertaining my silly blog. I can’t wait to see you.

Thank you, Fidel, for your kind and calm soul. For wearing socks in the shower.

Thank you, Ethel, for your humor and your strength. For your way with children.

Thank you, Azzah, for your laugh and knowledge of all things pop culture. For selfies and shameless self love.

Thank you, Shanea, for your quiet spunk and introspection. For our no shame room.

Thank you, Shane, for listening and laughter. For poetry.

Thank you, Abby, for your leadership and perspective. For encouraging my scarf addiction.

Thank you, Rebecca, for walks in the park and Gin-Gins. For memories of home.

Thank you, Marc, for observation and empathy for the introvert. For layers of beige and safari hats.

Thank you, Margaret, for openness and courage. For giving your scarf to the young girls at the station.

Thank you, Uday, for yoga and talks about the intersection of science and social justice. For lessons on Hinduism.

Thank you, Jerry, for endless translation and explanation. For being a tall beacon to follow.

Thank you, Meena: the ultimate thanks to Meena. Thank you for planning this trip, for working months ahead so we didn’t have to. Thank you for leading the way, even when you’ve had to weather other storms. Thank you for the selfless interest you take in teaching and student growth: inside the classroom and halfway around the world.

Thank you, to all of you, for this amazing trip: for teaching and changing me, forever.




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