Ships of the sea & desert.

January 4th, 2017

My roomate Shanea and I woke up early this morning to join Uday for yoga. Though I will likely wake up sore tomorrow, it felt wonderful to be active- I felt energized throughout the rest of the day.

After Hindi lessons and a debriefing about the village visits yesterday, we took the afternoon off (we are hosting a seminar this weekend about development in Rajasthan and decided a day of rest would do us all some good).

First, we visited Lake Pichola. By boat, we spent the afternoon coasting by the lively streets lining the shore and circling the Lake Palace, constructed in the middle of the lake.


Following, we took a rickshaw (my favorite form of transportation in India) to Fateh Sagar, another lake in Udaipur. Here, Jerry convinced us to take a camel ride up and down the street.


After Rebecca and I got on the camel, it lurched up off its knees, throwing us back and forth in the saddle. Once moving, we continued rocking to the camel’s clunky movements high above the ground. My stomach hurt from our laughter; it was amazing.


After the camel adventure, we walked quietly along the shore, the strung lights over our heads, and the setting sun over the mountains.



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